Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Abortion Question From You Tube Viewer

Great question from one of our You Tube viewers regarding the below video.

I will then post the question and my answers to it..


"I agree with practically everything in this video, but what if the mother is sick while carrying the baby and will die before delivery, there are treatments for this disease but they would kill the baby, so do you let them both die or just the child via abortion and medical treatments?"


First of all you are talking about a super rare case, second there is always a way to do what is right. The role of the Dr must be to save both but obviously we are not perfect so this does not always happen yet most of the time it does happen. The unborn can go through a lot and the body does all it can to protect the baby. Also we must always trust in God and his plan as long as we do the right thing. The difference between a Saint and everyone else is they do Gods will no matter what.

Further more.. Say there is nothing that can be done to help the mother other than these meds that may kill the baby. Assuming their is nothing else! The mother can morally use these meds with no intentions of killing her baby and hope and pray for the best outcome for both. If the baby does not survive due to the meds unintentionally then that is just life and a very sad event indeed. But if the mother intentionally kills her baby so she can use the meds that may or may not kill her baby then she is not within her moral rights and guilty of murder.

It is never right to take a life just because they may die anyway! A mother is not free to kill her baby just because the baby may die anyway. In that case we should kill the mother who has this illness since she may die anyway, it would save alot of time and money. But we don't do it that way do we?

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