Unborn Human Development

  See the Unborn humans development it is a true miracle, many of the images are from the book by Lennart Nilson, real photos from inside the womb!

A Child Is Born

Most abortions are performed in the first trimester of pregnancy, when the baby is 7-9 weeks in development. By this time every essential organ has begun to form in the your babies tiny body even though it still weighs less than an aspirin. The hair and nipple follicles are forming, and the eyelids and tongue have begun formation. The elbows and toes are more visible as the trunk begins to straighten out.

By the 8th week, the ears are continuing to form externally and internally. Everything that is present in an adult human is now present in the small human being. The bones are beginning to form, and the muscles can contract. The facial features continue to mature, and the eyelids are now more developed. The new life is at the end of the embryonic period and begins the fetal period. The baby is about 1 inch long and is the size of a bean.
Even earlier still at the moments of conception this tiny human life contains a unique genetic blue print. Information like, eye color, hair color, skin color, and everything needed for this baby to grow and change is already present! Science defines life as something that grows and changes. Growth and change are the two characteristics of something that is alive. We know that from the moment of conception we are rapidly growing and changing on a daily basis! We have been alive since our conception. A new human life is viable as long as someone or something does not disrupt the growth and change that must take place for life to continue. No different from anyone else born and unborn. Think about it!

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