Friday, February 4, 2011

Pro-Choice Abortion!

The Real Question! No Its Not: Does Abortion Kill A Human Being? 
        Abortion is the intentional killing of an innocent human being! aka murder. The abortionists know it, pro choice people know it, Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation know it!

* The question is not, does abortion kill a human being? We have known this to be true all along! We know the unborn human fetus is in fact a human being, growing and changing in their mothers womb! Science proves this.....

* The real question is why people feel that a mother should have the legal right to kill her own child before he or she is even born! Is it because we would see through allowing woman to kill their child after birth? 

The truth is Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation and the like, have made them selves a business out of killing unborn human beings and they don't stop their since the legalization of abortion over 300 woman have been documented as dead by abortion! They are listed here on the Blackmun Wall..

Their is no justification the unborn human beings are alive, growing and changing inside his or her mothers womb! Sadly today with 3,000 babies being killed daily by induced abortion the most dangerous place on earth is the womb of a pro choice mother!!

Nothing else that human beings have ever come up with has killed as much people as abortion has! The abortion pictures are only proof that the unborn human person is in fact a human being and abortion does brutally kill that person! Not new information since the abortionists and clinic workers have seen this not in pictures but in there own hands every day since it was abortion was invented!! The abortionists look at pictures of aborted babies and say, so whats new?

But abortion is not wrong because the fetus looks human! Abortion is not wrong because the fetus has a heart beat after about 21 days! Abortion is not wrong because the unborn have potential to do things later in life! Abortion is not wrong because it is surgery! Abortion is not wrong because the fetus may be able to feel pain and can feel pain at some point!

Abortion is wrong because it is the intentional killing of a innocent human beings who deserves to live and deserves a mother!

It does not matter what the reasons are! It is what it is....

When a killer is facing a trial we are not concerned with why he killed that person? We only are concerned with the truth that he did it or not!

Stand up for the right to life in all stages of human life!

Make it known that you want the unborn included in the human rights act! Let it be known that you want equality for the unborn human person and their mother! Let it be known that we do not want our sisters and brothers to be scammed and lied to by the abortion providers!

Tell everyone what abortion really is do not settle for any arguments this is a black and white issue. Something is either wrong or right!

Use my videos and others like them to educate people you can see them at You Tube. Also see unborn Human Rights on Face Book.

Help protect the right to life, liberty and happiness of all human beings no matter what stage in life they happen to be in!

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