Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pampers. For every little miracle. (Pampers Commercial)


  1. Although this is a beautiful commercial, sadly Pampers if a product of the Procter and Gamble company.Procter & Gamble are supporters of Planned Parenthood & March of Dimes; both organizations are eugenics minded :*( Ironically, Procter&Gamble sponsor the Special Olympics. I guess this helps to mask the dark side of their agenda.

  2. My thoughts exactly lol! Thanks for the comment Murial. I appreciate you telling me. They have several supporters like you say who do support PPH and such, which does not surprise me. I do support boycotts to some extent but I do not make it a huge part of my life and would not push it to far. How far it can go is pretty far. I mean, would you go to your neighbors garage sale if you knew they were pro-choice? Regarding this video. I just thought that for a secular company, selling products to a secular society the commercial's not to bad lol! At least I can use it to drive traffic to my pro-life message and at the same time we can use the chance to talk a little bit about it, get it out there. I don't agree with showing IVF and Surrogacy either, yet I agree with the message that all babies no matter what circumstances that lead to their conception are all miracles and have a right to life! We do need a good balance of boycott in our life lOl!

    It is good to know where our money is going and what they are spending it all on. You also must take into consideration the personal beliefs of the company owners and anyone else who receives funds from that company. Everything moves in circles. We are all apart of each others lives, including our money! Our time is better spent in the education of people, that way we can multiply our efforts and the amount of people who see your message. We do have to stop sending our money down the abortion related streams of income by educating our self and others about better ways to live, where we don't depend of those companies for our survival. Then spend less money with them anyway.

    Thanks for checking out the post and being a supporter of unborn human rights!


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