Saturday, April 30, 2011

Being Human Preview Video

Being Human preview of episodes 2 and 3 presented at the annual fund raiser for the Coalition for Life, Bryan/College Station.

beingHuman - episode 2

Facing Life Head-On: Insider Exposes Planned Parenthood (Part 1 Episode ...

Former Planned Parenthood facility director Abby Johnson reveals the inner workings of the business.

I just finished with Abby's book Unplanned. I enjoy the pro-choice perspective as well as Abby's new pro-life perspective. I can see this book helping me to become a better advocate for the side of life and truly helping woman. 

I am thankful for that! 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Flight to Light, Life Starts Now (a pro life rock song)

Music Video for The Flight to Light's pro life song Life Starts Now. Please "like" and share it with 10 of your friends, by clicking the icons below. Help get 1,000,000 views for life by April 17th (the end of the spring 40 Days for Life Campaign)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Love and Life: Pray that hearts, minds, Laws and history will be changed...

Love and Life: Pray that hearts, minds, Laws and history will be changed..

Rev 12:11 11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.

Read Melody's story about her abortions, the pain that came after and her new found life of forgiveness, strength and faith!

"I still find myself morning my unborn children at times. I know the truth now. It still pains me to know that my children could feel and reach out while they were tore apart by a machine."

Should A Mother Have An Abortion If The Mother Is Going To Die When She Gives Birth To Her Baby?

This question was posted in another place so I wanted to make a post and address this issue.

Should A Mother Have An Abortion If The Mother Is Going To Die When She Gives Birth To Her Baby?

There are a couple things we must remember here.

1. Abortion in these cases are literally less than 1% of all abortions performed in the US, this does not make it OK I just want people to understand how rare it is. Most abortions are done for none medical reasons.

2. Who says the mother is going to die? The doctor lol! Is he or she God, do they know all,l and can they say they know with 100% accuracy that the mother will die? Even if they could is it OK to kill a innocent baby because he/she may have to live the rest of their life without their mother? How many born children and adults live without their mothers? Should they no longer be allowed to live like some say about the unborn?

People who justify abortion on the bases of self defense or to save the life of the mother are assuming that the surgical abortion procedure is safer than the child birth it self. Logically if a woman is so sick that she can't even give birth to her child why would it be any safer to give her a surgery to kill her child? This is not logical do they not know that the mother still has a risk of death during an abortion. In fact since the legalization of abortion 347 known cases of healthy woman have died because of so called safe legal abortions, take an unhealthy woman and give her an abortion and her chance of death from the procedure would be even greater logically! See the Blackmun Wall  for information of the documented cases of woman who have died from legal abortion.  The truth is doctors don't know not even a small fraction of everything that can and will happen to our bodies, they are often wrong to say the least. It is not for them to say if a mother will live or die in fact they could not even tell you with 100% accuracy that the mother will in fact die, that is impossible. Even if a doctor could be right most of the time and  tells a woman she has a 50% chance of death so she should have an abortion to spare her child a life without her, if anything that means she has a 50% chance of living! Even if the doctor can say she has a 70% chance at death after birth that means she has a 30% chance of living! Even if the doctor can say the mother has a 80% chance of death after birth, that means she has a 20% chance of living!

As mother of two I would not ever think about killing my unborn child on the bases that a doctor has told me I may die in child birth, not even if He told me I had a 99% chance of death! That still leaves a 1% chance of living to be with my family and dam it I will take that 1% and I will do what ever is possible for me and my baby to come out alive! If that is not the case, then at least I can die in peace knowing that I chose for my child to live! Even if we both died, at least we tried!

"I would rather die allowing my child to live, than live knowing I killed my child!"

Many pro-choicers claim that we pro-lifers want the human fetus (unborn human being) to have more rights than the mother, or they say that we think that the human fetus is more important than his/her mother. This is not the case and being a life long educated pro-lifer I can safely say, that is not true!  We don't think that the unborn human being is more important than the mother, we say they have equal importance! Both lives must be treated as equally worthy of the right to life, so those caring for them must work to the preservation of both lives!

The pro-choicers say that "A fetus is not viable until 24 weeks. Viable means it can survive outside the womb and until 24 weeks this is impossible." That is the pro-choice concept of viable and I can tell you about those who are born and don't even fit this description of viable! Viability is no excuse to brutally murder and innocent human life! The unborn human person is viable as long as his/her basic needs are met, no different from anyone of us. Food, water and shelter! The mothers womb provides all three.

Abortion In Self Defense?

They use pregnancy as a euphemism for baby, but they can't tell us what the baby did wrong to want to kill his/her own mother and deserve the death penalty! They say it is legal to kill someone who is not viable as in those on life support. They  live in a world that determines right and wrong by if it is legal or not! Would those same people consider heroin use morally right if it is  made legal, and then do nothing when your child came home with it? They think that it is OK to kill your own child simply because a doctor says you may die.

What about ectopic pregnancy?

I want to make it clear that when we are talking about abortion to save a mothers life we are not referring to an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is not a induced abortion!! It is a emergency surgical procedure intended to remove the tube that has the implanted embryo/baby inside. The intent is not to kill the child but to save the mother from rupture, THE BABY WILL NOT AND COULD NOT SURVIVE in the tube if left alone as it would in the womb provided that miscarriage does not take place.What we are including in this issue is an abortion on any unborn baby that could have otherwise been treated along with the mother. The pro-life position simply wants the life of both mother and baby to be treated equally not to intentionally kill the baby in order to save the mother.

Of course all situations of this nature are unique and must be treated as such. The pro-life position only wants the basic fundamental right to life of both mother and child to be recognized but not at the expense of one over the other!

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