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There must be life first, or nothing will even begin to grow or change. When the human sperm and ovum come together, they ignite the spark of human life! A new human being is now created.. Without life a pregnancy will  not continue.

We cannot see life, we can only see those who are alive, and other creations that contain life, and live but we cannot see life. Yet we know it is there or everything is just a figment of our imaginations, even the atheists believe in life even though they have never seen life, they have only seen what is alive, that which contains life.

What is life?

life is a part of the mysterious part of our world, the invisible part of our world, which is as real as you and me! Life cannot be bought, sold or contained, it is a part of every living thing in the whole universe, from the tiniest micro organism to the tallest tree! Life has existed from the beginning, the very first in our universe, if this were not true then we would not be here let alone anything else.

Life was here first!

I was walking with my son one day, and we were talking about how God is a part of everything he created, and if something contains life that is because God is present within it! If God decided to remove himself from us we would die, God is not only the source of life, but life itself, himself, that is why we cannot see life in its natural form, because it's God! We are created in the image, and likeness of God, he allows himself to be a part of us, so we can be alive, this is so amazing to me!

What makes us human?

Is it our arms and legs? No, even animals have those.
Is it our eyes and noses? NO, even animals have them too!

It must be that we can talk, but even a parrot can say as much as a one year old! It must be that we are intelligent, true we are intelligent life forms, but nothing in this universe is without intelligence, even ant colonies will act in an intelligent way. Honestly I have met some not so intelligent people and they are still human lol!.

We are human beings because we have a soul, and are created in the image of God.

That is something missing in the pro-choice agenda, they miss this truth. They say it is a zygote, it is not a human person, it can't live on its own, or breath air! The truth is all we need is a source of life, and a soul to be living human beings! That is all, and only God can give that to us, all of the other human characteristics we have are only perks, we are special in the universe, set a part from any-other of Gods creations!

God wants us to know how special we are in the universe so we can take him seriously, that is why we are so different even with our similarities to other species we still remain special and unique, we must remember that.

The pro-life message is one of truth, forgiveness, humility, love, and understanding! And as I write this I think of one person who said " I am the way, the truth, and the life!" as pro-life individuals we stand for the only truth there is!

Keep up the good work, and do more when you can, pray, and act that is how it is done!

These are my thoughts and I am sticken to it lol!

Never stop defending life!

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