Monday, February 20, 2012

Pro-life Pro-Choice

Although we all have a part in the issue of abortion, we are either a part of the problem or solution. But it is women who need to stand up and take charge! Imagine if even a small number of all pro-choice women stood up for life and changed their stance what an impact this would be. The bottom line is this, abortion is a product a service sold to many but it is the woman who must give consent to this. If there is not enough money in it PPH, NAF and others would not sell abortions! If there is no market for it, it just won't happen and it wouldn't be legal so that a small handful of women could obtain them, despite what they would like us to believe.


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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Contraception, Abortion, Catholic Church, HHS Mandate...

Contraception, Abortion, Catholic Church, HHS Mandate!

This post is regarding the contraception mandate regarding religious organizations. I am really not going to talk to much about this, but I will give my point of view on it. For those who do not know Obama has organized an attack on religious freedom.

This is called the "HHS mandate" "Catholics across the country are taking a stand against a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services mandate. The Catholic Church says it's a violation of its religious beliefs to offer coverage of contraceptives and other reproductive health services."

What does this mandate mean? 

It means that the insurance offered to those employed by the Catholic Churches in the US must cover services that are contrary to Catholic teaching. Things like birth control. and abortion. In my opinion this mandate is an attack on the Church and on life, all Catholics must stand against this mandate. This will also affect Catholic Hospitals and charities!

What does the Church teach about contraception and abortion?

"Catechism of the Catholic Church: "[E]very action which, whether in anticipation of the conjugal act, or in its accomplishment, or in the development of its natural consequences, proposes, whether as an end or as a means, to render procreation impossible is intrinsically evil" (CCC 2370). "Legitimate intentions on the part of the spouses do not justify recourse to morally unacceptable means . . . for example, direct sterilization or contraception" (CCC 2399)."


I am among those who feel that BC is wrong, of course I have learned that the hard way. BC can cause early spontaneous abortions, especially the IUD which the main function is to abort the early child. I feel that BC is anti life because a marriage should be open to life at all times. Also sex itself is for marriage, also something I learned the hard way. I also see how BC has opened the doors to legal abortion and the rise in many other problems that we have. 

Also the Catholic Church is not the only ones who appose or apposed contraception and abortion. Very recently all Christian denominations apposed contraception, please read Christians and Birth Control.

If a someone does not believe in what the Church teaches they probably should not get a job with a Church they do not believe in. Honestly I would not want any Church to employ people who did not belong to that religion. Yet I understand that places like hospitals and Catholic charities do need to employ many people and that is a good thing. Yet we are called to honor God in all that we do, and uphold the truth daily no matter what!

Why should the Church offer insurance that covers procedures and medication that is considered evil by the Church? The Church believes that birth control and abortion is wrong and in fact evil. Faithful Catholics should not want anyone to obtain these things and it is against the Churches good will to offer it to others, or pay for it!

The plan is to take care of people and bring them to Christ, this won't be done very well if the Church pays for people to commit evil acts. 

We are to make disciples of all nations! We do this by always proclaiming the truth in all that we do and to all that we are in contact with.

 Matthew 28:18-20 And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen

We are in this world together for each other and we should not have one morality for our self and another for others.

The Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy illustrate the ways to show charity toward others.

The Corporal Works of Mercy
  • Feed the hungry
  • Give drink to the thirsty
  • Clothe the naked
  • Shelter the homeless
  • Visit the sick
  • Visit the imprisoned
  • Bury the dead
The Spiritual Works of Mercy
  • Admonish the sinner
  • Instruct the ignorant (This and the next work are extremely pertinent categories today, when so many people are confused by what the Church teaches on contraception, abortion, homosexuality, etc.)
  • Counsel the doubtful
  • Comfort the sorrowful
  • Bear wrongs patiently
  • Forgive all injuries
  • Pray for the living and the dead