Monday, May 7, 2012

Shaken From Within

Introducing a novel By Paul Egli “The Brood” has cast a demonic shadow over Brighton County, Iowa. This quiet little patch of small-town living is about to become a war zone. Life in Brighton County grows deadlier by the day, and things will never be the same. The citizens face a choice. Will they flee or will they fight?

SHAKEN FROM WITHIN is a rare combination of suspense, drama, humor, and inspiration that will continually have readers crying, laughing, and sitting on the edges of their seats. Nothing is predictable. No one is safe. Formerly peaceful Brighton County becomes an exciting, gut wrenching, and brutal place with predicaments so dire they can only be overcome through the grace of God and the courage of conviction.

Michael “Mike” Ward is middle-aged, wheelchair-bound, angry, and mean. He thinks his life is meaningless. Fourteen-year-old Emily, recently escaped from a pack of pornographic Satan worshippers, recognizes a hole in Mike’s life – his desperate need to be needed – and believes that she can fill it.

Emily’s former captors – “The Brood” – are determined to get her back, and they will stop at nothing. To make matters even worse, law enforcement cannot be trusted because some are corruptly involved with the evil, powerful “Brood”. There is also the disconcerting fact that people keep showing up dead.

Unexpected heroes rise to the occasion and, through the use of “non-standard” methods and the help of a mysterious cave-dwelling vigilante, do what the Feds have tried to do for years; they begin to take down The Brood. Along the way, vigilantes are joined by more vigilantes and aided by a host of oddly endearing characters that seem to emerge from nowhere, risking everything for Emily and others who are tormented by The Brood.

Shaken from Within: The Brighton County Chronicles – that honestly, factually, and unabashedly portrays abortion as exactly what it is, the brutal slaying of unborn babies.
If you like suspence novels you will love this one..
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Shaken From Within: The Brighton County Chronicles

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