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Simple Ways That You Can Use To Show Your Stance On Abortion and Unborn Human Rights!    

     I wanted to talk about the things that we all can do to show that we are pro-life. It won't cost you much and you could make a big impact in someones life. We want to educate so they don't terminate!!

1. Use Heritage House Victory Won products to show your support for the pro-life movement!

Something that I have been doing my self for many years is use bumper stickers from Heritage House on my car to show the truth about abortion as well as my pro-life stance. Heritage House actually merged with Victory Won so they have a lot to choose from and you can pick the sticker that best suits you. How many people do you think see the back of your car a day? Especially if you drive all the time. It offers a great opportunity for those who see it to think about abortion and only God knows that one of those people one day will decide not to get an abortion! The sticker that is on my car right now says "to let a baby live or kill it before it is born. That's some choice!" I also have on a daily basis a buttons on my bag that says "some babies die by chance NO baby should die by choice!"Another great item you can wear on your bag, shirt, or jacket is the precious feet pins. I have them and wear one everyday!

I also have a precious feet necklace that I love and wear it daily. The precious feet are a great way to show the exact size of a 10 week unborn human beings feet! It is a symbol of the miracle of life and a very positive way that we can show how we feel about abortion. When you click the link you will see that they have a big selection so you can choose the feet you want as well as how you want to wear them. They have so much more products to choose from so please take a look! Thank you Heritage House and Victory Won LLC for providing us with these great ways to show our pro-life stance!

2. Join a pro-life group or start one your self! This can be a physical group or Internet based.

I my self love the Internet and use it to spread the truth about abortion and the right of the unborn human person. I have a unborn human rights You Tube channel, this blog that you are on right now and a unborn human rights page on face Book. I like to make videos when I can and write what I know for the benefit of others. You could do the same or just promote the stuff that I put out there on Face Book, Twitter, and any other social places were you can share the truth! Together we can do great things! You can join pro-life groups in your town as well. Attend and or organize walks for life to spread awareness about the issue of abortion. Or just be a loving person to talk to when a person open ups to you. I have found that many people will come right out and talk to you, especially if you have on a precious feet pin. Also don't hesitate to ask what is wrong if you see someone upset sometimes they really need someone to talk to and this goes for anything not just abortion be sensitive to the feelings of others and show your compassion!

More link to things you can do to educate other about the truth of abortion.

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As always you can share below all the posts on my blog and help me spread the truth about abortion and proclaim the God given right to life that we have all had since the moment of our conception!