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Apologetics Learn How To Explain And Defend Your Pro-Life Beliefs!

        Welcome to this page! Here I will be posting about pro-life apologetics which is the art of learning how to explain and defend your beliefs, Websters definition is a "systematic argumentative discourse in defense." Usually used to explain and defend Christian beliefs, apologetics in Christianity is the intellectual defense of the truth of the Christian religion, usually considered a branch of theology. When we are talking about being pro-life we can use apologetics to explain the truth about abortion, fetal development and why we are pro-life to those who engage us in conversation or any time we are called to explain and defend the truth!

I have been a student of apologetics for 10 years now. It is something that I enjoy and would like to teach to others in this blog we will be learning about effectively explain our pro-life belief. Learning how to effectively communicate your beliefs is very important, in this case it could mean the life or death of a innocent human being and the well being of his or her mother.

Remember that most people you talk to will never admit when they are wrong and they may never tell you if something you said impacted them. You may never know who you have impacted, and who you have saved from abortion or other issues that jeopardize our right to life. As a pro-life apologist you are not  looking to keep track of all the people you have changed, and lives you have saved, you are learning pro-life apologetics so when someone asks you about your pro-life beliefs you will be able to better serve their needs and answer in an effective way.

The first thing to remember about apologetics is to always be kind and sincere saying what you genuinely feel or believe not dishonest or hypocritical. When you do this you are sending a message of love and that comes from God. It is always recommended to say a prayer and ask for guidance when you are explaining the truth. With God anything is possible!

Know your facts! Another very important thing about apologetics is to know your facts and history. For me this is the easy part I love to learn and read. Learn your fetal development basics and abortion history. Learn facts about abortion such as how they are performed, what are the risks to the woman, and what it does to the baby. I would have to say that learning fetal development is the most important thing to learn here. When you can show people fetal pictures and explain to them how we develop and how wonderfully made we are from the moment of conception you can then begin to talk about abortion honestly!

When you are talking with someone about abortion make it clear to them were you stand and never compromise on the key issues at hand here which are, life begins at conception and abortion kills a innocent human being! The pro-choice person will attempt to create a situation where you are compromising on your key beliefs or in a situation were you appear not to really believe what you are saying to them. They them self are trying to understand and justify their own pro-choice stance and will make every attempt to get you to agree that abortion is necessary and a right choice for the woman who choose it.

Remember that most people you will talk with in fact have something to do with abortion. It is said that one in four pregnancies in the US end in induced abortion, there are about 3,000 induced abortions performed daily! Chances are that the person you are talking to either had an abortion, or know someone who did. They may be pro-choice because of their close connection with abortion. People have many reasons for being pro-choice and excepting of abortion and I believe that they are always coming from a position of fear whether they know it or not! With a loving heart and openness to learning and sharing the truth you will be better able to communicate with people who may be suffering in some way because of abortion.

Stay in the black and white areas! I believe that the issues today that jeopardize the right to life of innocent human beings are black and white issues. Something is is either wrong or right, good or evil, yes there are gray areas and that is OK there are many things in the gray areas like choosing what you want to wear or what color you want your hair to be today and tomorrow. We make choices every day that come from the gray areas of life but some things we can choose come from the black or white areas which represent good and bad/evil. Things like hurting others, stealing, using drugs, and killing innocent human beings! Since abortion is the intentional killing of an innocent human life we can place it in the black and white area where there is no compromising. The pro-choice person will try to keep you in the gray areas.

When a woman is pregnant she is already a mother and that baby is already here living and growing! The unborn human person has the right to be born so he/she can continue with the rest of their life. No matter what type of life they will choose to lead, no matter what we think will happen to them in the future and no matter what they will or will not accomplish in their life! We do not base the right to life on these factors after birth, so why before birth? Really what is the difference?

Read What Is The Unborn you will learn a lot about how to explain "it's my body my choice" argument, as well as the development of the unborn human person, written by unborn human rights.

This half of the Pro-Life Apologetics page will consist of pro-life answers for real pro-choice questions or arguments.

About Pro Choice Christians: I said you can't be both pro-choice and Christian it just doesn't work that way.

Pro-choice answer: I disagree you can be a christian and pro choice!!! I am!! I had an abortion due to health problems!! If anyone is saying I am not a christian because i believe in PRO CHOICE then guess what they r not being very christian themselves because while we r quoting scripture: JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED!!! Does that sound familiar... or how about this LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE!!!! THINK ABOUT IT

These are typical verses throne out by pro-choice Christians to justify their position.

My response to that is:
I did think about it and her is my answer: The judging that you mentioned must be understood in context of only Jesus is judge and can say who goes to hell. I am not saying that those who abort will go to hell that is for the Lord and the Lord alone to decide. Yet we are called by the Lord to admonish the sinner, and keep our brothers and sisters from sinning further, as well as helping them to see the error of their ways so that they then seek healing and forgiveness from the Lord! Also your quote about the casting stones must also be understood in context. Jesus was speaking about a woman that was going to be stoned to death because of a sin she committed. If you are talking about how it is wrong to stone a woman to death for having an abortion, then you got your self and argument. But since I do not do that and do not intend to advocate that, your point in quoting this verse is irrelevant. We are all sinners and in danger of committing sin constantly, this does not mean that we do not try to prevent other from sinning, by providing them with proper information with love and charity as the Lord says. Especially if we are speaking from personal experience with sin. Think about this! Is someone incapable of warning someone about danger just because they to may be in danger? Should we not teach people to do good just because we sometimes make a mistake and sin like every one else? The Lord says even a righteous man falls 7 times a day! I am sorry that you have had an abortion but was abortion really the Christian thing to do? I mean we are talking the dismemberment and disposing like toxic waste a child that was given to you by God. We are called to be Saints and that means doing what is right no matter what the cost! Many blessings to you! If you need help please refer to the info section of my videos or visit my blog the link is also in the info section. My prayers go out to you! Baby please pray for your mother and father, Amen!

Stay tuned for more : )

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