Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Unborn Human Rights Donation Center

Unborn Human Rights Donation Center Information

Unborn Human Rights is a pro-life ministry that was founded in 2008. Unborn Human Rights began with a simple You Tube page that has collectively gotten almost 200,000 views on it's pro-life videos. It has since expanded to a Facebook page and blog.


Unborn Human Rights is continually working towards further expansion and reaching more and more people with the pro-life message. It is the goal of those at Unborn Human Rights to reach those contemplating abortion in a loving and direct way with good and true information.

It is also the goal of Unborn Human Rights to reach pro-lifers them self. There is a great need to strengthen and further educate those who honestly want to see and end to abortion but do not know how to talk about it with others effectively.

We do this by offering videos and articles about abortion with content that is honest and to the point. We also have a Pro-Life Apologetics page that while in it's infancy is a great tool for further education in the art of explaining and defending the pro-life position. Our goal for Pro-Life Apologetics is to expand it to a download-able e book form and offered to members.

Also in the works is a pro-life starter kit, this kit will include various different pro-life merchandise that will enable any pro-lifer to get started spreading the pro-life message.

Further Expansions....

Unborn Human Rights seeks to further expand the blog, we need to obtain a domain name, auto responder technology and hosting account so that we will  be able to enable Unborn Human Rights to have a stronger foundation here on the Internet.

Also in the works for Unborn Human Rights Ministries will be a great email campaign (this is where the auto responder will come in) that will be able to reach our members with great pro-life information, answering questions, and news concerning Unborn Human Rights.

Further future expansions will include, pod casts, more videos, special events, continued blog posting, e books and offline outreach. Offline outreach will include donations and support of pro-life pregnancy centers, walk for life campaigns, specific Unborn Human Rights events, youth outreach and life outreach to those contemplating abortion.

But to do all of this we need support!

We are also in the process of establishing Unborn Human Rights as a official none profit organization and obtaining a P.O. Box.

This means a better outreach, more information and saving more mommies, daddies and babies from abortion!

If you would like to be a part of all of this please consider making a donation, all donations will be used to implement all of these needed expansions.

Short Term Goal...

Currently our goal is to get the much needed domain names, auto respond-er and hosting account needed to set Unborn Human Rights on top of a solid foundation.

With this solid foundation we can continue to offer the great information that we have been as well as offer even more to our members in the form of down loadable e books, pod casts, emailing, Q and A messages, and crisis pregnancy outreach.

Your donations will be reflected in the look and presentation of our site. We will also create a blog post offering detailed information about how your money was spent.

Any amount of money you can give is appreciated and we thank  you : )

Please donate by using the button below, or on the side of this blog.

Thank You for your support and continued involvement in the pro-life movement, together we can make a difference and turn hearts and minds away from abortion for good!

Sincerely, The Unborn Human Rights Team : )

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