Adoption Information

      I would like to provide links for assistance in adoption as well as some information!

     Adoption is sometimes overlooked or possibly looked down on in our society, ironically many people are more excepting of abortion ( the death/killing of a innocent unborn baby) then  they are of a responsible, loving, respectable and compassionate thing such as adoption. I think that is very sad.

I have my heart set on assisting people into thinking differently. A change of heart on these issues. I also greatly respect those who adopt children into their families and I will never hesitate to say more families need to step up!!

" Some babies die by chance NO baby should die by choice"

For me I take it very seriously and although I have not been faced with a horrible tragedy like loosing a child, I have some dear family who have. It is bad enough for Mothers, Fathers and families have to experience  something so unexplainable and devastating as loosing a child! It is quit another to think of the thousands of woman who kill their own children everyday out of fear, and call it a choice!

I feel very strongly that Mothers and or Fathers should keep their own children. They need to  make it work for the better, the best way they know how at the time. I do understand that some parents may not be equipped or stable enough to care for their own children. Not that they couldn't get stable if they desired to. I am a big believer in change and anyone can change and make better choices. Every day is a new day and a new moment that we can make a change! What ever the situation the only thing that really matters is the children! That is were adoption comes in..

Adoption Is!


I respect anyone who can see the honest value of in life! You may here people speak of abortion as something that a woman can choose instead of being a mother, but with abortion a woman's only real choice is to be the mother of a dead baby or a live one!

I say to woman: Choose to be the mother of a living baby! Give that person a chance at becoming the person they are meant to be! Whether you raise your child, or give someone else the chance. This new life deserves life and you the mother, deserve to give it to them.

For assistance: In adopting a child or giving up a child for adoption.

Adoption Matters

Adoption Network

Courageous choice

Thinking about Adoption
Crisis pregnancy

Pregnancy Center Near You

These are only a few sites that I found which looked great, it is up to you to do your own research and find the right place you can trust! We simply would like to provide you with a few places to start.

Please way the risks and benefits when thinking about adoption VS abortion. Never underestimate your self and the level of success YOU CAN accomplish with your child and in all that you do! We are created for success, we can do great things, so can your child! Parenting is hard but trust in God and do the right thing...

A prayer for mothers: Please God change the hearts of mothers contemplating abortion, also be with the Mothers who choose to give up their children unselfishly. Also to those who love and cherish these children as their own! May God bless them all and be with them always! In Jesus Name, Amen