The Pro-Life Message

   We defend the right to life of all innocent human beings from the moment of conception until natural death. At the moment of conception we are all created equal and Good, life must be equally protected in our unborn stages of life as it is when we are born! At the moment of conception the spark of life ignites and a miracle happens. This tiny human being has just begun it's new life! LIFE IS A MIRACLE!

All this person needs is food, water, and shelter to survive. In the course of  his/her life this person will grow, and change in many, many ways. This person like all people will also go by many titles. Zygote, embryo, fetus, infant, child, teenager and adult. Our basic needs are the same when we are unborn as it is when we are born, and for the rest of our life! FOOD, WATER, SHELTER, moms womb provides all three, in a more perfect way then it is when we are born!! These things are administered in different ways, but they are our basic needs none the less.

There must be life first or nothing can begin to grow and change. The pro-life position is for long term solutions not quick fix medications, and procedures that only destroy life, and families! The pro-life position is for loving both mother, and baby no matter what the circumstances. We can love them both and provide the members of our human family with real information about life, fetal development, adoption, and the tragedy of abortion!

Our mission is to educate people around the world about abortion, fetal development, adoption, parenting, and the right to life of all human beings no matter what stage in development!

            Who could say that this human being deserves to die for someone's choice!